Monday, September 22, 2008

Birthday Weekend in Vegas!


This last Saturday was my birthday so Kade asked me what I wanted and I said, "I want to go shopping in Vegas!" So off we went with our BFF's Pascal and Suzanna. We left Saturday afternoon and shopped at the Fashion Show mall until it was time for dinner at Cheesecake Factory, which was amazing as usual, and after that we did some more shopping at the Forum shops. Of course I had to hit up A&F and I could never pass up the MAC store; which is technically my version of heaven:). After that we walked the strip a little and did some gambling-nothing too big. I did double my money at one point. I put a dollar in the machine to play some Black Jack and started winning a few and Suzanna told me if i made it to 2 dollars I should cash out so that's what I did. Haha, like I said "Big Money!" We spent the night at South Point, and it was a really nice hotel. It had a bowling alley in it so we bowled a few games, and I even beat Kade 2 of the 3 games we played. It was definitely birthday luck! Sunday we went to the new outlet mall at the south end of town and it was beautiful and they had an H&M so I was super excited. We also ate at YougurtLand and it was delicious. Sorry this is so long, I just had the greatest birthday ever! Thanks to Kade, Pascal, and Suzanna for an awesome birthday!
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Friday, September 19, 2008

Good Friends=Good Times

This last weekend we spent up at our friend's, Josh Hurst's, cabin in Beaver. It was a beautiful place and we had so dang much fun. Our friends Blake & Bre and Josh & Michelle moved to Cedar a while ago for school and since then we don't get to see them near as much which saddens us deeply. We are counting down the days 'til their return to sunny St. George but until then we will enjoy our few weekends together. We had a blast playing volleyball, horseshoes, pool, Scum, and watching some great football. Josh also fed the deer. They were so cute! We love our friends and appreciate them putting up with us! Thanks guys for the great times!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

San Francisco!


It seems like I have been gone doing something fun almost every single weekend. Don't get me wrong, I have had a blast but I think one weekend I just want to spend at my house. Until then I guess I will just keep blogging about all the crap I'm doing. Anyway, this weekend adventure was San Fran, Cali! Kade didn't get to go on this one since his boss is more strict about time off than mine (haha) so I went down there with my fam. Liz's team had a tournament down there so we decided we could go watch and do some sight-seeing as well. The team actually didn't do so good but we had a fun time besides. Plus, it was so awesome to see Liz again. We get to talk all the time on ichat but it isn't the same as real life. Dang, I miss that girl (don't tell her I said that!). Anyway, we got to do all the traditional stuff, ride on the cable car, eat a ton of sourdough bread since that's my fam's fav anyway, clam chowder, walk the piers, walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, eat pizza, visit the Ghirardelli chocolate factory, check out Lombard Street (the most crooked street in the world), ya know... Stuff like that. I had a good time with my little bro and it was his b-day on Sunday so we decided to celebrate on Saturday since we would be going home on his actual b-day. We went to Rainforest Cafe and had dinner and a "Volcano" cake for dessert. San Fran is a beautiful city and it was fun to visit.
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mountain Meadows Cabin Trip


This weekend was not only labor day but Kade's birthday so since the beach house was taken we decided to head up to the Ence's cabin in Mountain Meadows. It is a cozy little thing surrounded by grassy fields and tons of riding trails. We took up the 450 (motorcycle), the Grizzly, the Rhino, and Kim's latest toy a doon buggy that can haul butt. I think we all filled up on our need for speed and adrenaline bursts. Since I have riden motorcycles my whole life it was fun to become more acquainted with 4-wheelers. It was me, Kade, Kolby, and one of our very bestest friends in the whole world, Pascal and Suzanna. We love them and since they live in Nephi we don't get to see them near enough. As you can see in the pictures, Zoey thinks that everyone should be her friend and decided that the horses up there were her new buddies. She also tried to make friends with some wasps when we weren't looking and got stung pretty good. She cried for like half an hour, it was pretty sad. Oh, and the first picture is me with this cute little snake I found. I love snakes and think they are so awesome. Kade hates them so when I find one I like to chase him around and try to make him touch it. It's like him chasing me with a bug, only I think it's "funnier":). All in all it was a really fun weekend and we couldn't have asked for better company. Also, since it was Kade's birthday I just want to tell him how wonderful he is and how grateful I am to have such an awesome partner in all our adventures. We make the perfect team and no matter when or where I can't imagine being with anyone else. I love you so much Kade and am sooooooooooooo happy to have the best eternal comp. in the whole freakin' world. LOVE YA! Ok, sorry for all the mush. I am heading to San Francisco this weekend so I will update when I get back. Peace out.
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