Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anniversary #2


Well, this year for our Anniversary we decided to keep it simple since we are heading out to Costa Rica in less than a month. We decided to do a take out picnic dinner on the lawns of the temple. We picked up our food from Olive Garden and packed our own sparkling cider and glasses. Kade had already given me my present of my very own girly life jacket so that I could get using it and it took me forever to decide what to get him. He doesn't like it when I buy him anything so I always have to get pretty creative. I decided to write him 104 reasons why I love him. 1 for each week we have been married. Some of them were pretty funny & on #87 my sister had snuck in her own reason without my knowledge which made us laugh pretty hard. Then Kade told me that he had gotten me another present that was really thoughtful. He said he decided to give me 3 trips to Lins with no whining, complaining, or questions asked. It could be with me or without me. Anyone who knows Kade very well knows that he HATES the grocery store and I always have to go by myself, which I usually don't mind, just sometimes it would be nice to have someone else there. So it was a very thoughtful gift! Haha! Kade and I usually go all out all the time and it was kinda nice to just enjoy the simple things like just being together without all the craziness that usually surrounds us. So it was a great anniversary!
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Dunes


Well last week we got to go to the dunes twice in one week. It was a blast! The first trip we forgot the camera but I got it on our second trip. We went with my dad, Jake Palmer and his girlf Lindsey. She and I rode in Kim's new Rhino while Kade and Jake rode on the Banshee and the YFZ and my dad took the 250 motorcycle. We had so much fun even though it was like the worst day as far as wind goes. The picture in the bottom right corner is of the Rhino stuck! Thanks to me! :(
We love the dunes and most of all we love our AWESOME friends. Lindsey and I got to spend some time talking and I'm way excited to get to know her even better, since Jake and Kade are pretty much inseperable now that Jake works with him at Ence! Yeah for great friends!
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Friday, May 16, 2008

Rich Electric Golf Day!

My dad's company is made up of some awesome people. I think it is such a great place to work because not only do all the guys work well together, they are friends outside of work as well. One of the main tests you have to pass in order to become an employee is getting along with all the other guys! We all have so much fun together and all their families are wonderful as well. Since we have such a great time hanging out, my dad likes to treat everyone to some fun activities every once in a while. This time it was a day of golf. Obviously I'm not a great golfer but I ran around and took pictures and took a swing or two at my pink golf ball Broc gave me! I'm so grateful to have an awesome job!

Howard, Broc, Randy, & My dad (These are the guys who have been with us the longest)

Me with my radical pink golf ball and stylin' hat
The whole Rich Electric Family

My dad taking a crack at it!