Tuesday, June 17, 2008

McArthur Family Reunion


So since both my dad's parents died we haven't been seeing his side of the family much. There are 8 kids and I think we all just get busy. So this reunion was the first in like I don't even know how many years but it was a blast! Friday night we had a BBQ and swam at my parents and then Sat. we went up to my uncle's cabin in Pine Valley. It was really beautiful up there and we had a great time. It is weird that now all the little kids running around are my cousins kids instead of my cousins and I. Time flies I guess.
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

SCHS Graduation


Well, I can't believe it but Liz is actually graduated. It was fun to be there and remember my graduation exactly 4 years ago. I was kinda sad but very proud of her. Graduation was just another step towards her leaving, which I am not excited for but I know it will be awesome for her. Kade and I also got asked to help with grad night. The theme was Indiana Jones, we all looked pretty good and we actually had a really fun night. I'm glad we got to go. Kade had never seen a grad night, especially not one like the ones we have at SC so he thought it was pretty cool. The picture in the middle is what Indiana flew in on and jumped out of. It was crazy! So it was a very fun day!
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P.S. Thanks for all your support as a brunette but I am just a blonde at heart. I also have some hot pink streaks in there, see if you can find them!