Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving at the beach


Thanksgiving was so fun! This year we took my family down to the beach house. We woke up every morning, went for a long walk, then played sand volleyball for like 2-3 hours, went and walked on the beach, then usually ate something and surfed, played games, or read until it got dark! Then we usually played the WII or went somewhere fun for dinner. We had Thanksgiving dinner catered which was so nice not to have to make and clean up after and did plenty of shopping at all the good spots! I am very thankful for my husband and the wonderful person he is. I am also very grateful for my wonderful family, I can't imagine what life would be with out all of them! Happy its officially Christmas Time!!!!!!
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Friday, November 16, 2007

Japanese Friends!

A little while ago we had some of Kade's Japanese friends from his mission come and stay with us. It was so fun to watch them experience Snow Canyon, the sand dunes, and one of my sisters volleyball games. These were all things that were totally foreign to them and things we all take for granted everyday. They couldn't stop talking about how beautiful the mountains are and how the sand felt between their toes. I remember how strange everything was for me when I went to Japan, so I knew how they felt. The older man in the pictures is Imy Kiori (a.k.a. Brother Imy) He lived in the Atsugi ward where Kade spent a whole year of his mission. Brother Imy was the first bishop in all of Asia! Is that incredible or what. He was also one of the first Japanese missionaries, the first Japanese stake president and the first Japanese Mission President. He is such an awesome dude! He even got to be President Hinckley's chauffer when Pres. Hinckley visited Japan. He carries a picture of him and President and Marjorie Hinckley around with him in his wallet. The girl travelling with him was his nurse. She was also a return missionary so she had a wonderful spirit too. We took them to the temple and got treated like celebrities because of Brother Imy. Everyone wanted to meet him! They also LOVED Zoey so that is why she is in every picture. They never wanted to go anywhere without her. It was so fun having them visit!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Consecutive State Championships!

So maybe some of you will think that I am a little obsessed with my lil' sis but I can't help it that she is INCREDIBLE! On Saturday she led her team to their 2nd straight State Championship. Last year they played Dixie for the championship in the 3A class, this year they played Dixie in the 4A class. She played amazing the whole tournament but in the state game she had 24 KILLS! For those of you who are not volleyball savvy, that means when she hit the ball it hit the floor. She is so good and athletic. Last year she was awarded the 3A State MVP award and though there have been no official announcements we are pretty sure she will get the same award in her 4A victory! It was an amazing weekend and my whole family had a blast. After all was said and done we all felt sick. We were soar all over from the tension and adrenaline and our throats hurt, but dang it was worth it. I screamed so loud and cheered those girls on all the way through. I feel so blessed to be able to share in their joy in this awesome accomplishment. If you see any of the awesome girls from the Snow Canyon Volleyball team tell them congratulations because they all deserve it! WARRIOR NATION!!!!!!!!!