Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break

Well, my sister keeps getting mad at me for not posting so here it goes. I really do need to get on here more often it has just been so busy lately, and not really the fun busy of traveling the world like it used to be. We are just busy with real life...which is also fun. My sisters spring break was a week before everyone else's in the whole world so that was a little different. When Kade got done with school in December I thought to myself that I wouldn't really have to worry about spring break anymore. We could travel whenever we could get off work. Now though I am realizing that I do have to worry about it cuz it is about the only time in the year my sis can come down so. I guess I will still be looking forward to Spring Break for at least 3 more years. She brought down some of her friends, most of which played on the volleyball team with her this year and it was really fun to get to know them. We took them on Angel's Landing, made them lots of yummy homemade food, and challenged them to some sand v-ball. We had a good time and all of the girls were sad to leave sunny St. George for snowy Logan.
Other than that nothing too exciting. Just enjoying this springtime weather and realizing that I'm not quite ready for the extreme heat.

Me, Christine, Katie, Hymas, Liz, and Jenna
Such Fun Girls!