Thursday, December 10, 2009

Family Pic's 09


Yay! Another year has come and gone which means another family picture session. Fun fun! Everyone looks pretty much the same as last year except Hunter who has grown about 2 feet. Really though, he is taller than everyone now but my dad. I think he is about 6'1" and only 14 years old. Now, if we could just get some meat on those bones!:)
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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Yay Cousins! Kade's brother Kolby got a new little puppy. It is a mini Zoey! She is the exact same color and breed as her. She is adorable and so little right now. Zoey wants her to be bigger so that they can play a little more rough. Zo is so cute with her and just plays really nice. Her name is Bella and we all love her.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Utah State

We had another trip up to Logan to visit Liz and watch her play. This time Kade went. She has been begging him to come all season but he couldn't get off work until now. They played thursday and saturday. They won one and lost one. On the thursday game Liz set a new SCHOOL RECORD for most kills in a 3 set match. I am sooooo proud of her and how well she is doing up there.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Another Visitor from Japan

We had another visitor from Japan this week. I always LOVE when they come. They are so sweet and it always makes you appreciate what you have when someone marvels at it. Everything in Japan is like miniature so to see someone's house like my parents with a big yard and stuff absolutely freaks them out. She was only here for a couple days so we took her to Zion and she mostly just wanted to hang out at our house so that's what we did. Thank for visiting Murata San. We love you!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well, sorry about the delay. Basically the last 2 months my life has consisted of work during the week, travel to wherever Liz has her volleyball for the weekend, come home, do laundry, repeat. It has been really crazy and my poor husband has been getting so lonely but hopefully it will settle down. The good thing about it is I have been able to travel to some really fun places and spend some quality time with my parents and little bro. Most recently we returned from Kent State, Ohio...Which just happens to be about half an hour down the road from Kirtland and TONS of awesome church history stuff. My testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith and the restoration of the gospel has become so strong from actually standing in the places the first saints of the church stood and seeing the sacrifices they made with my own eyes.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lake Time

This was actually quite a while ago but I get way behind on posting so sorry. We always love the lake in the summer! This trip we taught Liz how to wake surf, she caught on really fast. Of course she did cuz she is the athletic one in the family, so unfair! We always have a blast at the lake!

Me, Liz, and Cousing Brady

This is Zoey wishing she were anywhere but there, she hates the water but she gets so hot we have to cool her off. Poor puppy!

Liz surfing with her concentration face!

Just us!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

North Carolina

Well, about a week after returning from Cancun Liz, my Dad, and I headed for good ol' N.C. We went out to visit my dad's mission comp, Tim, who is awesome and it was so good to see him again. It had been a few years since the last time we visited so it felt great. Tim's plantation is called Summer Hill and it is like traveling back in time. We enjoyed the Southern hospitality and spending time together. Liz had to move back up to Logan just a few days after we got home so it was great to spend that time together. Kade gets bored with history so he opted to stay home this trip!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Well, we were finally able to go on our graduation trip to Cancun. We were supposed to go right after everyone graduated in May but because of Swine Flu we had to postpone it. Anyway, we went and had a wonderful time. The weather was perfect almost everyday. We spent time at the beach, by the pool, seeing the Mayan temples, time at the spa, and scuba diving. We also spent time being our goofy selves and having incredible amounts of fun with our awesome friends! Here are a few photos of a great trip: