Thursday, February 28, 2008

Here we go...

Well, tomorrow Kade and I leave for our cruise! I am really excited, but kinda stressed, I know it will be awesome once we get there, it's the getting there that is the problem. See, after our cruise I fly straight up to Palmyra, NY to meet up with my family for the church history tour, so really I am packing for 2 weeks for completely different climates. Kade has to get back to work and school so I am just going to be spending the time with my family. I am excited but kind of nervous, ok I am SUPER nervous because I have never traveled anywhere by myself. I have to spend the night in Florida by myself and then catch a cab to the airport and check in and fly by myself to New York, SCARY!!!!! Most of you are probably laughing at what a wuss I am, I mean I have traveled to a lot of places in my life, just never alone! O well, I will just have to get over it and know that I will have a great time if I make it there alive! Haha! So peace out for a few weeks, I hope things go well for everyone while I am gone!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm back and have been tagged!

So I've been gone for a while, things around the Ence household, and McArthur household have been crazy but I decided I better respond to Mick's tag so here goes...
Five things on my to do list:

1- Get over being sick
2- Finish my sharing time for primary this Sunday
3- Start packing for both my trips
4- Find something fun for Hunter to do(He is staying with us this week, our house is boring for kids)
5- Find something for dinner that Kade and Hunter will both eat!

Five places I have lived:

1- St. George (where I was born)
2- Santa Clara
3- St. George (with my grandparents in between each of the 7 houses my parents built in Santa Clara)
4- Hawaii(Funnest time of my life)
5- And finally.....St. George with my wonderful husband!

Five jobs I have had:

1- Babysitting up until I was 16 and had the ability to do other things on the weekend
2- Durangos Mexican Grill (for about 1 month until my parents made me quit cuz they thought it was dangerous working late)
3- PCC(Polynesian Cultural Center) as a waitress at the Ambassador restaurant(it was a blast and i got to meet awesome people from all over the world)
4- SWFCU teller
5- Office Manager of Rich Electric, Inc.

Five favorite snacks:

1- Candy, candy, candy (my husband gets upset at my sugar intake, what can i say i'm an addict!)
2- Anything & cream cheese (it could be a bagel, crackers, i pretty much like anything with cream cheese on it)
3- Cookies & Milk
4- Fruit
5- Veggies with Ranch (they're gross plain!)

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:

1- Have a nice house
2- Travel to impoverished countries with humanitarian aid groups
3- Travel just for fun!
4- Buy lots of clothes!
5- Buy lots of clothes for my kids!

Five things I miss:

1- Having a husband (but he's done with school in the fall so I will get him back soon!)
2- Friends that have left us for lame places like Cedar!
3- The beach, living right next to it
4- Sometimes I miss living with my parents because i had no obligations or responsibilities
5- Eating whatever i wanted and not exercising and staying thin

Hope you all enjoy my brutal honesty!